How to Care for Your Mattress

The average mattress lasts five to 10 years or longer, but it is possible to decrease or lengthen the life of your bed. Understanding the environment and the proper approach to clean a bed will assist you in keeping your mattress smooth, safe, and comfortable while you sleep. These caring steps can make your mattress the best mattress for aged peoples.

Properly Support your Mattress

While a matching box spring or base is not necessarily required when purchasing a new mattress, you must ensure that your coat is appropriately supported. Thus, the materials’ integrity is maintained, and premature wear is avoided. Consult the manufacturer for help or review the manufacturer’s guarantee policy. Box springs usually are reserved for spring mattresses and provide a sturdy, sturdy foundation for memory foam and other specialty mattresses. Framed beds should allow sleeping and mattress weights, and queen and king-sized beds should have central bars. Platform beds with broad lathes may require additional support depending on the mattress type and weight. Every year or so, it’s a good idea to inspect your bed’s support system to ensure that no damaged laths or springs cause damage to your mattress.

Use of a Mattress Protector

As previously said, these are one of the simplest and safest ways to extend the life of your bed. Fine, high-quality mattress guards protect your mattress from spills and accidents while also reducing the amount of dust, waste, and grime in your bed. This protects your mattress from harm, keeps skin oils and sweat from accumulating on your mattress, and inhibits the growth of allergens such as fungus and dust mites. When there are injuries, a protector cleans the snapshot, and many modern forms feel as secure as a fitted sheet.

Wash Bed Sheets Frequently

While you sleep, you spill sweat, oils, hair, and skin cells. Crumbs also conceal food on the bed, and animals will watch a variety of objects. All of these can be employed in mattresses to breed bacteria and promote the growth of dust mites, in addition to being fortunate. According to most cleaning professionals, bed linen and blankets should be cleaned at least once a week. Even while wearing a mattress cover, it is vital to maintain linen clean. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the mattress protector should also be washed regularly.

Periodically Turn Over the Mattress

Each sort of mattress, regardless of material or size, is rotated regularly. Whereas some manufacturers argue that turning is unnecessary, turning promotes additional wear while rotating does not increase depressions or soften. Every two to six months, the mattress is turned from head to foot. This is especially crucial during the first several years when you break into a bed.

Take Caution When Relocating Your Mattress

Protect your mattress from injury during transportation by enclosing it in plastic and preventing it from bending or folding. Generally, it’s preferable to keep them upright on their sides while transferring a mattress to avoid their pushing or slipping. In addition, manufacturers typically recommend that the bed not be relocated or repositioned.

The Best Mattress for Stomach Pain

While it will be easier to avoid sleeping on your back, some behaviors are more challenging to crack than others. If your dominant sleep role lies on your back, investing in a high-quality mattress that meets your requirements would enhance your sleep quality. However, it is not advisable to sleep on your back since it will disturb the neck and spine. This makes it impossible to locate the right mattress for stomach sleepers. You can also visit this site for more information bestmattress-brand related to mattresses for relieving stomach pain.

The Effects of Stomach Sleeping on your Back

As discomfort occurs in the neck and back, we should go to the doctor and inquire for assistance. You may have continuous back pain from:

  • Excess weight.
  • Poor posture and maladjustment.
  • Repetitive joint movements.
  • Lack of muscle strength.

You’re not lonely if you have back pain. According to a study conducted by the National Centre for Health Statistics, the most frequent cause of continuous pain is low back pain. Indeed, 27% of respondents claimed they had such discomfort. You will place extra strain on your back if you sleep on your stomach. You will turn your head up around your shoulder blades to force your back to bend unusually when you are sleeping. Tucking your leg up while sleeping on your belly will bring another odd curve into your lower back.

These two twists will exacerbate an ongoing back problem and trigger sufficient stress to lead to a new chronic pain problem. Back pain therapies can include chiropractic treatment, physical rehabilitation, pain medicines, and surgery. While these treatments will, and sometimes offer, natural relief, it might be helpful to look closely at soft mattresses to alleviate back pain.

Additional Steps to Improve the Sleep in case of Stomach Pain

An intelligent way to start is buying a mattress built to help the choice to rest on your stomach. If you have the right technology and back help, you can notice that you will escape steepness when you wake. It would help if you took several precautions to guarantee that your stomach is as stable as practicable for your back.

  • Use the hips for a cushion. By using a thin pillow for your hips, you will guarantee that the lower back curve remains in position when sleeping. This pillow should be small so that the curve is not exaggerated but more beneficial than letting the hips lay flat.
  • Use the head on a flat cushion. Puffy pillows will inflict extreme pressure when you lie on your belly. You will allow the neck to rest in a neutral posture while using a flat pillow.
  • Skip the pillow almost. If you can, it can be best to stop using a pillow below your chin. If you have no cushion under your chin, your neck would be in contact with your back.
  • Stomach sleepers lose their status with persistent back pain. Force continues to drive your bellies down while lying on your front, stretching your neck out from its balanced orientation. Stomach sleepers must still twist their necks to breathe, and in the morning, they will stay with a sore neck.

The Advantages Of A Cooling Mattress

The cool gel mattresses deliver the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology and comfortable luxury. Although many people enjoy the assistance that a down comforter may offer, the product is often reported to trap body heat. The heat absorption allows the bed to become sticky, resulting in an unpleasant night’s sleep. To fix this problem, cool fluid is mixed with foam padding to provide a supportive sleeping surface that does not trap heat as conventional storage foam mattresses do. By regulating the bed’s temperature shift, cold gel technology enables the patient to get a comfortable, restful night’s sleep without getting overheated. However, the rewards do not end there. This mattress is cozy and supportive. Additional benefits of supportive gel mattresses include the following: For more information, visit

Reduce The Level Of Tension You’Re Feeling

Memory foam is well-known for its pressure-relieving abilities, but it takes it to the next stage when mixed with cutting-edge gel manufacturing. By cleverly managing the body’s weight, the bed offers greater protection and pain control in sensitive locations such as the elbows and forearms.

Consequences In The Long Term

The cushions are made of cool gel, which can last for a long time. Unlike spring mattresses, cold gel mattresses retain their shape over time and do not sag in the center.

Suitable For All

A dense sheet of warm gel-filled memory foam gently contours to the outline of an individual’s body, making it ideal for anything from babies to the elderly. Per line of our hybrid beds has a soft, cold gel-filled sheet of hard plastic that acts in combination with the skin to facilitate a safe sleep cycle and restful sleep. Why not give it a go for a free trial of our higher-order reasoning skills? The only thing you have to be careful about is having a break! Hot and cold mattresses, on the other side, are the most affordable luxurious mattresses.

What Are The Pros Of Plush Cooling?

It’s important to sleep at the proper temperature. Will this impact your sleeping pattern? Sure, but by adding cooling gel latex foam into a mattress, you will greatly improve the amount of rest you get through the night. If the temperature is between 1860 and 67 degrees, citizens are more comfortable and recover quicker. While keeping the flow and removing the blanket will help mitigate heat and keep the top half of your body cold, the rest of your body will only contact a mattress. Without temperature regulation, there may be a major decrease in relaxation and restfulness during this half. By continuously extracting heat from its surroundings, the cooling liquid rubber outsole establishes the optimum sleeping state by rising airflow and decreasing sleep conditions.

What Is A Freezing Gel Latex Mattress, And How Does It Function? The calming gel rubber outsole is predominantly constructed of memory foam with gel crystals that absorb heat and flail violently from either the sleeper or the mattress. Consequently, the cellular structure of the memory foam is tailored for better airflow over standard formulations. This cooling cover sits on top of any REM-Fit bed to help control sleep temperatures and provide a moist, supportive cushion, especially in areas where comfort is sometimes lacking, including the lower nape of the neck

Hybrid vs. Foam Mattress For Back Pain


Ah, bed buying. In best conditions, that is an overwhelming challenge, but incredibly overwhelming if they wouldn’t begin to search for it. And the purchasing of mattresses gets even more problematic if the vocabulary is unknown.

You run around the words “memory foam” and “hybrid” when shopping for the best couch. These are several of the best essential pillows because there are a couple of great choices.

Decide upon this bed style you like is a central initial stage to discover the perfect pillow for everyone. We already have the details you would need to select amongst combination and memories spray mattresses to help you achieve that choice.After some search customer finds hybrid vs foam mattress for back pain.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Hard plastic colors, identified as polystyrene, are composed of rubber. This technology was developed for NASA and had become an essential element in the production of fabric and pillow.

Memory foam typically has a smooth feeling that absorbs steadily when squeezing. You would feel steadily drowning in even if they lay on a new mattress.

There seem to be no pill beds while they talk regarding memory foam bed frames in this article, just fabric. E.g., the Cody pad has a relaxation foam, a quality polyurethane, a Camped Protection transitional layer, and sturdy supporting moisture. The bed does not have any coils.

What is a Hybrid Mattress? 

A prototype pillow was more of the: It is a blend of two-bed types.

Although you consider coats with varying kinds of padding known as a “hybrid,” they talk about coats of coils and now a protection sheet also at the end for our considerations Latex, activity diagram of an online or even silicone remembrance can be the support sheet. E.g., the composite bed, Cody includes spray, memory spray, zoned help transfer sheet, and bucket belt.

The Benefits Of Memory Foam

It doesn’t indicate which specialty mattress protectors don’t provide anything to say even though they have no tubes. Selecting a bed frame has some substantial advantages:

• Memory Foam Offers Excellent Flow Rate and Concealer

Polyurethane gives a high shock absorption, rendering this one of the most delicate colors. It coats the bones and alleviates stress on the body’s natural lighter regions. This is also formed and covers the organism in either hole. That helps preserve a balanced symmetry of their spine.

Latex Mattress is Still – Though mixed colors, coils will start to pinch through duration, not inherently noisy. You’re not going to have memory foam issues. Even before they travel around under the bed, it doesn’t squeak or create visible sounds.

• Latex Foam Eliminates Activity Transition Information movement- The motion process is expected to consume a mattress protector. You would move the motion more independently into that particular region if you move about with a comfort mattress foam. This is extremely helpful if they stay with only a companion and would not want to interrupt one another during the night.

Best Online Mattresses for Side Sleepers

The most common position to sleep on your side is considered. Side sleep is of great benefit, including reduced back pain, improved respiration, and improved digestion. It benefits your general health and well-being by sleeping on your side. How much support and comfort you get every night is affected by the kind of mattress that you sleep on. Studies have shown that a new bed can improve sleep quality and reduce overall pain and stiffness for people who have slept on an older mattress. Side pain and lower back pain often occur when the mate is unbearable or uncomfortable. For lateral sleepers, a bed that contours the shape and provides pressure relief is particularly advantageous. These functions reduce back and shoulder pain when coating areas of the body, which push the mattress deeper. Foam mattresses tend to last longer than spring mattresses, which makes them good value for money – so many of our finest color guides provide you with many options for storage foam. In this article, we will help you choose the right mattress for your budget with memory foam. This article provides the best memory foam mattress reports for consumers. In many mattress companies, it is the leading material. Here are the best online mattress for side sleepers.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress:

As it is comfortable, supportive, and incredible, Nectar is at the forefront of our best mattress guide – dramatically undercutting other medium-sized competition like Cosper and Purple at pricing. We tried and liked Nectar Memory Foam for two months. For two months.

Saatva’s Leaf & Loom:

Saatva mattresses are luxurious choices of quality. They are good choices, but they are costlier than many of our guide’s best memory foam mattresses. Since Saatva is a brand online, prices are very competitive. Saatva says Loom & Leaf columns are up to 70% cheaper than other premium columns.

Zinus Pressure Relief:

Zinus is the best affordable mattress we looked for, and with a 4.4 out of 5 of almost 60 000 tested users, the high-ranking Amazon memory foam mattress (October 2020). Zinus is used to neutralize green tea foam odors. It isn’t just a lot. We like it, but in every mattress, people support twins for up to 500 lives.


All the mattresses’ cooling properties in this manual, but it’s essential to keep the Tempur Breeze in mind if you’re a hot sleeper looking for the best memory cooling mattress money. The Tempur-Breeze brand, established by Tempur-Pedic, is built to feel great when you are almost thirty years old and wake up sleeping. And this is not easy – our bodies are changing temperatures all night long.

Midnight Helix:

For people who sleep alongside themselves, the helix midnight is a perfect choice. It contains the layer of hundreds of single spools under two distinct layers of “memory plus foam” and ‘Helix dynamic foam.’ This medium solidity mattress is not made of just foam. The best thing in both respects is the comfort and depressed foam relief and the berets of Helix Midnight’s fountains.

Classic Mattress: The luxury Saatva Classic mattress is not just memory foam but one of the best memory foam mattress guides. It is a hybrid system that supports a memory splash comfort board combined with a responsive dual steel bobbing. It’s the cheaper sibling in this Saatva Loom and Leaf mattress list, number two, and is a perfect alternative for anyone wanting to bounce a little more than from pure memory foam. It is a safer option for someone who wants to sleep instead of sinking into it.

Is Firm Mattress Is Efficient For Persons having backpain?

It is essential to find the best mattress if you suffer from back pain. Many people agree that the most vital thing for a sore back is a firm mattress, although this does not necessarily hold. In reality, the spine’s normal curvature can not be accommodated by a firm mattress, which will trigger more problems. Let’s look at what type of mattress is right for people with weak backs and scoliosis and why the firmest version isn’t necessarily the best.

Drawbacks of firm mattress


Pressure points develop on the shoulders and pelvic region while you sleep on a hard mattress. Anyone, particularly those who sleep on their sides, can find this to be inconvenient. It would be doubly uncomfortable to get these pressure points on someone with a weak back in comparison. Another concern with pressure points is that they can force you to toss and continuously change and move into a relaxed posture if they create numbness. It may be tough on an overly hard mattress to find a suitable spot, resulting in endless sleepless nights.

Spinal Misalignment Is A Disorder

In its normal alignment, a mattress that is so hard can not protect the spine. Instead, assistance would only be provided to the body’s heaviest areas: the shoulders and hips. This contributes, as mentioned above, to awkward pressure points. In addition to the pain, because of the absence of adequate protection for the back, this mattress can cause longer-term complications. A hard mattress can create all kinds of complications for someone with a low back, as the body attempts unsuccessfully to compensate for the lower back, spinal support loss. You might not even be aware that this is what the body is attempting to achieve since your muscles continue to do this subconsciously. However, you will become very mindful with longer-term pain and anxiety that do not appear to go anywhere. Visit

Which Mattress is preferred by experienced people? We discovered that if you have a sore back, a hard mattress is not the safest alternative. So, if you’re suffering from back pain, what’s the right mattress for you? The safest mattress is of medium-firm density for a low back. While not getting an overly hard mattress for a sore back is crucial, it is equally essential that it is not too stiff to carry the body weight. A mattress that is so soft can not adequately accommodate the body, causing it to fall too far into the mattress. As a consequence, when lying on an incredibly soft mattress, the back discomfort could intensify. Instead, a medium-sized firm is deemed the best middle ground for those with scoliosis and a weak back: not too soft and not too substantial. The substance from which the mattress is produced often plays an enormous role in alleviating discomfort. The safest form of mattress for a sore back is a silicone mattress. This is because latex has a certain springiness, and to have adequate spinal protection, it readily conforms to the body.

Tips By Online Mattress Companies To Buy Quality Mattressesonline mattress companies

It is safer to continue to sleep on something before purchasing a fresh pillow. People in hotels or other people’s houses will try various beds and buy the same one if the mattress is super comfy. As more cushions and innovative features are added, it may be a challenging task to acquire a bed. The key elements will allow a person to find a good fit for their particular body shape and condition through their choices. Here are the tips by online mattress companies to buy resting pads.

A pillow must balance the weight of a human

Specific weight and construction are concerns when a fresh mattress is bought. A severely obese person can maximize from a good support mattress. For heavy people, traditional mattresses wear out easily, but vendors today sell better pillows and frameworks than that in the future. Light, smaller people need a supporting bed, and on latex and comfort cushion mattresses, they might be more relaxed.

The bed’s height

Mattresses in past months have become heavier. The bed may be very wide when paired with a regular floor. For an elderly adult, a participant with physical disabilities, or a shorter individual, a high bed might not be convenient — or perhaps dangerous. When a mattress topper is extra dense, a “reduced” base will restrict the height of a bed. The pillars of the low profile are usually 6 – 8 ft thick.

For rheumatoid arthritis, softer textures are normally safer

Sleep is always painful for people with bipolar disorder, and it is extremely necessary to buy a mattress. When a smoother surface is picked, responsive areas of an anatomy, such as sore spots, can be easier. Those with rheumatoid arthritis can also aid with a comfortable bed. Because the symptoms of narcolepsy fluctuate, mattresses should be checked only often, on a day where the signs are extreme, then on a day with mild indications.

See requirements for a new match

Given the variety of choices open, it may be useful to speak with the furniture vendor regarding special sleep concerns. Such sheets are allocated to individuals with such illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis, although this knowledge might not be released in the shop.

Consider buying a Bed

A new bed is an expensive investment, and it is essential to know about the return and insurance plans, shipping costs, and other buying expenses.

Know how the promise is all about

When mattress structures get increasingly sophisticated, warranties are too frequently made. E.g., premiums do not necessarily protect engines on adjustable beds. Instead of lack of convenience, deficiencies are more likely to be hidden. If you choose to save by purchasing a low-cost mattress base or utilizing your current basis at home, you can consult with the manufacturer to determine if this would impact the warranties.

Internet sales agreement analysis. Online purchases of mattresses have become much more widespread. As there is typically no possibility to inspect the product in preparation, it is necessary to know how good a mattress is returned. The customer will be expected to pay the postage costs may be high—to return the pillow.

Interpret the exquisite print. Vendors may make exclusive deals, including a free. 90-night trial. It is advised that the original contract be reviewed regarding unintended fees relevant to these deals.

Mattresses That Fit For Flexible Beds

An adjustable bed frame lifts the mattress’s tops (including the head and toe sections) between 15 and 60 degrees. This helps you to read, watch tv, and even sleep more comfortably. Consequently, the most significant considerations to bear in mind when choosing an elastic mattress are its durability and longevity. A mattress built for flexible beds will spread and shift to match the floor’s curvature while preserving its consistency and structural integrity. The three most popular mattress toppers, latex plastic, hybrid, and land, gave configurations of flexible beds: mattress topper, latex plastic, hybrid, and land given. For more guide visit

Polyurethane, silicone, and composite mattresses are commonly the best for having an adjustable pillow. They’re light enough to conform to the frame’s form, and they’ll last a long time if you pick a company that uses specialized foam and products. However, be conscious that major design gaps among these manufacturers offer latex foam, cotton, or combination mattresses. Look for an organization that allows the use of the most cutting-edge, revolutionary materials available. Otherwise, you risk making a bed that is both uncomfortable and easily wears out. Airbeds may also be used over adjustable supports and reclining chairs if necessary. Though, they have a few concerns that shoppers should be informed of, as mentioned in this report.

Hybrid Mattresses Incorporate The Best Aspects Of Both Conventional And Contemporary Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses have versatile plastic layers and lightweight, pocketed coils, making them suitable for interchangeable headboards. You wouldn’t have to worry about bending springs or scratching the foam if you lifted the chest and foot position. You can get soft and groovy assistance for hybrids, like the adjustable bed system. Hybrid mattresses, on the other side, should not be mistaken with innerspring beds. Since all mattresses have coils, the phrases “hybrid” and “ultimately leads” are often used interchangeably when discussing mattresses. They do, however, have a distinct feel that is widely characterized as “buoyant.” Choose a thicker size so that those who are a bit more robust will adapt to the lightweight base more quickly.

Memory Mattresses With Padding

The silicone fits the contours of the body and holds your weight in the same manner. This removes the usual concern that certain other towels have pressure points. The microfiber flexes comfortably to match the base’s form and can be used in a wooden bed without compromising flexibility or ease of usage.

The Composition’s Width

When it comes to the pad you use for an adjustable bed, density is often the first thing to remember. Regardless of how versatile the material is, it can become too stiff if it does not become thick enough. The ideal thickness for a bed is between 6″ and 14″, depending on the bed’s shape. Because of the rigidity of the material, the mattress must be as lightweight as possible. It could, however, be thick enough to provide a restful night’s sleep.

Where to Buy Mattress for Back Pain Relief


They are some things much better than bouncing into a squishy mattress after a long tiring day. It could be tough to find a soft mattress to rest on to relieve your back pain. A mattress that is too hard or tough can cause stress at your pressure junctions, while a mattress that is too soft can result in impaired back symmetry. That is the reason why the squishy and soft mattresses are coupled with a solid base so that you can have a comfortable, silent sleep without any fear of back pains.

Resting on a mattress not suitable for you may result in the worsening of back pain. Lack of assistance from the bed coupled with wrong sleeping styles can cause stressed muscles, and an impropriate back curvature that ultimately results in lower back pain. Here in this article, we will guide you on “where to buy mattress for back pain relief.”

What to Consider When Picking Up the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

Buying a new mattress is an important decision you make for your home. The comfort of the mattress varies from person to person. While purchasing a mattress, you need to regard its zoned assistance, backbone symmetry, sleep testing time, and guarantee. Selecting the finest mattress is essential for relieving neck and spinal pain.

Spinal Alignment

In order to enhance and maintain backbones’ symmetry, Spinal alignment in a natural neutral curvature is very important. 

  • Back-sleepers need support to reduce the pressure from their shoulder, neck, and lower back.
  • Stomach-sleepers need help to assist their pelvic region and lower back from getting bend. 
  • Side-sleepers require support at the head, lower back, and knees by reducing pressure from hips and shoulders.

Zoned Support 

Zoned assistance is provided by some mattresses, which varies from all other mattresses to manage the symmetry of the body parts. Furthermore, there is little stress alleviation assistance through the shoulders and the hips. Extra considerable support across the neck, lower back, and knees prevent the bend and maintain the backbone curvature. A mattress can have two to five or even seven zoned assistance.

Sleep Trial Period and Warranty

A testing period is provided to the customer for few months to check his/her comfort level while sleeping. If the customer finds it a wrong join, the mattress is handled back, and then either it is replaced, or the cash is refunded. 

Warranty includes a time 0f 5 months to a year in case of any design fault or material. The brands mostly have a policy of an incision if the mattress tends to have an incision extent. 

Conclusion The best mattress can be the one with support in both areas. The finest bed helps aid people who are going through persistent back and neck pain and comfortable, silent night sleep. 

The Best Firm Mattresses for Every Type of Sleeper


Firm pillows are more blowback than lighter styles, meaning that you can alleviate back pressure and sound like you are rising on the top rather than falling. They even help back and stomach sleepers by similarly spreading mass and promoting one’s thighs.

If your final firm bed were a hideous cabin from your summer program in youth, you would be happy to hear about the extensive range of company mattresses now that you marry help and convenience. You can select from this site, environmentally furniture, specially-cooled bed frames and more choices that make you feel happy about bedtime.

What Are The Firmest Types Of Mattresses?

Both mattresses’ styles may be firm, but cushions without stress easing support systems typically feel qualitatively better. Pressurizing relief and solidity are not equal. A coat that clutches the body may be adequately firm under the protective layers to help people who require a firm or even extra-solid bed. After all, people who choose to sleep ‘in’ instead of ‘in’ should suggest indoor or latex versions instead of all-smooth or combination.

The latter two choices typically have pressurized foam relief systems, which render them qualitatively smoother. Inner beds are usually small, whether they have one, whereas latex is inherently more durable and sturdy than artificial foams.

What Is The Right Mattress For The Company?

The best corporate mattress is one that serves all the desires and offers the proper amount of comfort. The first phase in a bed is to realize that you need a sturdy bed, but selecting the correct one allows you to think about yourself other queries.

Your favourite sleep posture is especially relevant since it helps you assess the pain relief and encouragement you deserve. For example, side sleepers may establish muscle tension, aches and pain with little stress relaxation on a soft pillow. On the opposite, individuals who rest on their backs require less pain relief, whereas more pelvic help may be enjoyed as adjustable zoning.

Complementary Accessories on the Firm Mattress

Selecting a firm mattress is the first step to making your bed suitable for your needs. If you have the pillow, though, a few gadgets are worth considering to optimize your bed.


Your cushion guarantees that your neck is protected and fits the majority of the backbone. The cushion won’t fall as far into the mattress on a stiffer bed, but you can notice something of the pillow loft. Pills produced from plumes, down, polymer, torn foams or latex may be a significant bonus for side sleepers to manoeuvre the mattress to change its location under the chin.

Merit List Mattress

If you’d like a firmer texture but don’t want a fresh colour mattress, an ornament may be a partial alternative. A topper is typically 1 to 3 inches wide and goes over and under the current bed. It may be constructed out of rubber, acrylic, fibre, wool or down.